Motion Graphic/Video mapping


170 meters, 5 projectors, 11 minutes of abstract animation and involving soundtrack for a sinestetic experience into an immersive environment. Anamnesis is a narrative journey depicting the process of European integration, from a historical, social and political perspective;The project introduces the audience to historical figures such as Robert Schuman and Altiero Spinelli. The video mapping starts with an evocative exploration of the major events that have characterized the modern and contemporary Europe opening with the momentum of a postwar reconstruction and outlining the chronicles of Maastritcht, Lisbon, the adoption of Euro currency and the development of Erasmus scheme. In the end, a message of hope for the future is given as well.

A multimedia videomapping performance based on lights, colours, images and sounds: a work of art which aims to hit the audience emotionally in order to increase the feeling of attachment to our Europe, encouraging towards a positive identity that define both the individual and the society.

My own work is between 04:40 and 05:20. It talks about student protest.
The work is completely in digital. It is made with Flash Pro.